Jonas Schoendube

(M.Sc. | CEO)

Jonas Schoendube holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Micro and Nano Systems from ETH Zurich. He performed his Master's thesis in the field of microfluidics at Stanford University, USA.
He is expert in micro-fluidics, micro-fabrication and impedance spectroscopy. Jonas and Andre Gross developed the single cell printing technology to its current state. He has three years experience in project management.
Jonas Schoendube is managing director of cytena.

Dr. Andre Gross

(Dipl.-Ing.| CTO)

Andre Gross studied Microsystems Engineering at the technical faculty of the University of Freiburg (IMTEK) where he finished his diploma in 2010 with focus on biotechnology and biomedical engineering. In his PhD thesis he developed core parts of the single cell printing technology. His key competences are in micro-fluidics, optics, software development and single-cell handling.
Before co-founding cytena, he was group leader of the "cell printing" research group at IMTEK. Three years experience in project management and assisted writing of several sucessful granted research proposals (EU FP7, EU H2020, etc.) completes his portfolio. As CTO, Andre Gross is responsible for research and development of the single cell printing technology within cytena.

Benjamin Steimle

(Dipl.-Vw. | CFO)

Benjamin Steimle studied economics at the University of Freiburg and Basel until 2009 when he finished his diploma. Since then he worked as an adviser for an IT start up and a bank institute.
His key competencies are in development and analysis of individual financing concepts for companies. Further he focused on verification and assessment of financing of start-ups.
Benjamin Steimle is responsible for financing and marketing as well as establishment and management of distribution networks.

Dr. Peter Koltay

(Dipl. Phys. | Business Development)

Dr. Koltay studied physics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg and the Eötvös-Lorand-University in Budapest. He graduated in 1996 and received his Dr. rer. nat. degree from the University of Freiburg in 1999. Parallel to his thesis Dr. Koltay conducted studies for a Master's degree in Business Administration at the University of Hagen from 1996 to 1999. He is faculty member at the Technical Faculty of the University of Freiburg since 1999 with a research focus on MEMS and microfluidics.
In April 2005, Dr. Koltay founded BioFluidix GmbH to develop the micro dispensing technologies of IMTEK into commercial products. Dr. Koltay is heading BioFluidix as managing director since then. He supports the business development of cytena through his scientific network and BioFluidix' know-how in non-contact liquid handling.